September 2017 Highlights


“Restoring human dignity through hospitality, hope, and healing.”

From the Director

Dear friends,

There is a quote that I like that says, “Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  There is little doubt in my mind that the world needs people who want to make a difference.  Your support has enabled us to come alive and make a difference.

There has been so much happening here at PBMR:  from the Megyn Kelly show to our first ever pig roast/fundraiser, from embarking on a new effort to stop the violence (Communities Partnering 4 Peace) to the completion of the house that was rehabbed by our youth.   It is an exciting time and we want to share bits and pieces of it with you here in this newsletter.


Fr. David Kelly, C.PP.S. 
PBMR Executive Director and Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center Chaplain

Of course, our work is not over; we need your ongoing support to ensure that the momentum is kept alive.  If you are able, please consider a gift.

Let me also say a word of thanks to all of you who make things “come alive” here at PBMR.  So much of what we are able to do is done because of your commitment to standing alongside us and working to change the narrative.  Thanks for the support and  encouragement.


Sr. Donna’s Story on Megyn Kelly Today Show


In the premiere of Megyn Kelly TODAY, Megyn tells the uplifting story of Sister Donna Liette, a 77-year-old nun who decided to do something about the violence tearing apart her Chicago neighborhood. Sister Donna is joined live on the show by Father David Kelly of the Precious Blood

Behind the scene: Sr. Donna getting ready for the show.

Some Pictures From Our Pig Roast Fundraiser Event!

Latino Circle

On the last Friday of every month PBMR is hosting a meeting with members of the Latino community from the Back of Yards community.
The group came together around a meal to share stories about their homelands. Thanks to the passionate description of those in attendance, we were able to travel to Colombia, Guatemala, and several parts of Mexico all from the comfort of the RJ Café.
Being able to share our life experiences as immigrants to the US allowed us to build community with those of different nationalities. These ties are critical to helping deal with the struggles of the immigrant community, especially now with the tough times that many families are facing in the current political climate on immigration.
The group was excited about the next junta we will be having next month.
(Hector Avitia, Precious Blood Volunteer)

Restorative Justice Forum

The Chatham Community Restorative Justice Forum was hosted by the following groups: Connected Chicago, Chicago Department of Public Health, Power – PAC, Chicago Police Department, Cook County Resource Section, Juvenile Justice and Child Protection, Circuit Court, Judge Sophia Hall, Circle & Cipher, and Nehemiah Trinity Rising.
The forum was held on Saturday September 30th at Carter Temple CME Church in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago’s southside, over 30 people were in attendance. The forum reviewed the use of restorative justice practices within schools, neighborhoods and as a means of building community relationships to address trauma, violence and public safety.

New website

Thanks to the help of a generous friend, this month we launched our new website and our new logo! Check them out at We are loving our new fresh look online and we hope you like it too.

Meet Our Staff: Orlando Mayorga

My name is Orlando Mayorga. I am the new mentor coordinator and CAVE (Community Anti Violence Education) director. I am very excited to be a member of the Precious Blood family, sharing my experience working with youth and formerly incarcerated people. I have been a facilitator in CAVE for six years, a program created and developed by incarcerated people for incarcerated people, to help men develop healthy and productive lifestyles through trauma-informed care.

Congratulations to Our Chef Shawn!

Shawn Reed recently obtained a Culinary Certificate from Kendall College of Culinary Arts. We are very proud of Shawn and we hope this program will be the beginning of his career as a Chef.
Shawn is a former graduate of the PBMR culinary program and is our Chef in residence at the Precious Blood Center.

More Than a Sailboat Ride

Our mentoring team took our kids sailing  with an organization called Carpe Ventus. This organization promote mentorship and explore the correlation between skills learned on the water and character needed to set their course in life and on the water – to thrive, not just get pushed around by the wind. Everyone really enjoyed the experience!