Precious Blood

We share the spirituality of the Precious Blood, which unites, inspires, and guides us as we seek to live faithfully the call of God in our lives. We are united in the new covenant in Christ’s blood. We drink the cup of blessing, the cup of salvation, the cup of sorrows, the cup of joy. We stand at the foot of the cross with those who suffer. We celebrate the reconciliation Christ has gained for us. In all these things, we share in the spirituality of the Precious Blood.

Our spirituality sustains and directs all that we do. It gives focus to our mission and ministry. It calls us to live in solidarity with those who suffer. It unites us as brothers and sisters in the blood of Christ. It strengthens us, encourages us, challenges us to be faithful to the call we have received.

We share the mission given us by God through our founder, St. Gaspar del Bufalo. We are called to renew the Church through the ministry of the Word and the proclamation of the saving power of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

It is a mission we share with the whole Church. It is a mission to bring hope to the suffering, reconciliation to the alienated, a sense of community to the lonely, and a deeper faith to all who seek God. It is a mission we live out in a variety of ministerial settings, in parishes and schools, in hospitals and jails, in preaching missions and retreats, in working for justice and reaching out to those in need, at home and in foreign lands.

Our mission is sustained and directed by the spirituality of the precious blood. It is a mission to respond to the cry of the blood wherever we hear it – a mission to evangelize and be evangelized by the living Word of God – a mission to those in the world and in our local situation who most need to hear the good news. It is a mission to renew the faith of those who already believe and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know him.