PBMR Fall Fundraiser: Taco Fiesta

Dear Friends of PBMR,

The fall air is upon us.  That can only mean one thing – the PBMR Fall Fundraiser! 

So we are inviting you to join us on October 14th for an 11:30 Mass followed by a Taco Fiesta!   We are inviting our friends, supporters and community families hoping to build deeper relationships while sharing our PBMR stories, our good news as well as our needs.

We are continuing the theme of Restoring Family and one of the ways you can partner in restoring the families within our community is through supporting our rehab project.  We recently purchased a house on 51st street right across from the Center and are looking to restore it to the beauty, no doubt, it once had.  It had been abandoned for years, but now we have the opportunity to create something new at 1246 W. 51st St.

Our plan is to offer short-term emergency housing to those facing homelessness.  Day after day we see the need.   Added to our excitement is the opportunity for our youth to work side by side with skilled laborers who will mentor and train them in construction skills (electrical, plumbing, etc.) – a classroom of sorts. 

I am convinced, more now than ever, that family is at the center of any community.  If we are going to support our youth and work for a safer and healthier community, we have to tend to the needs of the family.  We cannot do everything, but we can do something.  We can be the “neighbor in the hood”.   

Of course, we cannot do this alone.  We are asking for your generous support.   If you are able, please join us on the 14th of October for this Fall Fundraiser.   It will be a great time.  You will see our youth demonstrating their silk-screening skills or in their carpentry shop; you will see our beautiful vegetable garden or you can sit in our Peace Garden.  AND you will also see our newly purchased house in whatever stage of rehabbing it may be on October 14th

If you cannot be with us, please consider donating to our effort.  You can send a check or go on our fundraising website www.restoringfamily.mydagsite.com and donate.   

“Restoring Family” is about walking alongside and offering a shoulder when necessary.  It is about creating an environment of beauty where families can thrive and their children can grow up in safety, knowing they are loved, have the basics and are protected.

Thanks for your ongoing support.  We hope you will be able to join us on Sunday, October 14th.


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