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from Precious Blood Ministry Of Reconciliation
Help Shawn and other supporters of PBMR discover what our young men can accomplish when given the right opportunities. Join us in #OpeningDoors – purchase tickets or donate at

Shawn Sweeney first came across PBMR in 2013 when she attended the fundraiser. She immediately fell in love with the joy, enthusiasm, and exuberance of the PBMR staff, as well as the ministry, and wanted to become involved.

Shawn supports the work of PBMR because “it’s the right thing to do, to level the playing field – to share opportunity and God’s love. Depending on where you are born, there is so much inequity as far as resources, opportunities, education and jobs. I have seen Father Kelly adopt young men and put them through college – he can make it happen. I have gotten to know the young men who participate in programs here, and there are so many good people. Given the right opportunities, who knows what they can accomplish?”