Hope & Healing

Hope and Healing Outreach

Through outreach and support we seek to accompany families and individuals who have been impacted by violence.  Mothers/fathers who have lost a child to homicide find a supportive environment in which to tell their story and have their pain/loss acknowledged.   Here those who are too often unable to find a listening ear can gather with others who understand the pain of what has happened. The Center offers a safe place of hospitality and prayer, and through the Circle they offer each other the chance to begin healing through telling their stories.

Hope and Healing Mass

Annually, PBMR arranges a Mass and ritual for healing and reconciliation for survivors of violence, families or friends of victims of violence, and the community as it is affected by violence.  Recognizing the diversity of the neighborhood, the mass is offered in a combination of English and Spanish. In an effort to include several parish communities, the location of the Mass varies and has been held at local parishes within the neighborhood.